Nicky Morgan and the “Belle” curve…

So some comments that came through about Nicky Morgan’s arrival to the government on Twitter were misogynistic. See, that defeats the object in my educated mind. She was slammed by another woman (Labour) as taking part in the “battle of the Downing St catwalk”, along with other colleagues. In some of my eminent colleagues’ comments on posts, she was “genderised” as a tool to mock her.
Morgan’s feminist spirit was awaken recently it seems, as she hailed Sir Hunt a complete sexist not just when he made his seminal comment on women in labs, but also called her “love” at a conference. I read much about this lady that I identify with – the fact that the higher up the “Belle Curve” of responsibility ladder you go the more “Beaux” you find – However, I worry when MPs are thrown from one portfolio to another (as she was).
At least she was in battle with Michael Gove! (Observer 2014) Well, only on his style, as she does support his ideas we are told – beware then! However, Gove’s allies have hit at her for not being education-savvy enough for the job (Times 2014).
Our first attack on Gove was that he had never been a teacher. Neither has she! That, to me, is the most profound error. As Sherrington puts it: “I am now worried that you haven’t been briefed about the word ‘average’ or the new (laudable) determination by OfQual to ensure GCSE grade inflation is halted”.
She needs briefing? So she does…She has no inside knowledge, no experience, no qualifications and her son has not yet hit secondary school age.
Making light of the abhorrent message she delivers on schools by attacking her gender will have the desired effect of detracting us from her published ludicrous ideas. More to the point, I believe her ignorance is the most dangerous of her downfalls.
As Minister for women and later the added caveat of “equality” – although she voted against same-sex marriage – she will have had lots of training on the matter. So let’s stop looking at the fact she is a woman, let’s constructively and calculatedly appraise her ideas, proposals, impositions on our lives, just as Tom Sherrington puts it: “This isn’t some kind of ‘enemy of promise’ excuse-making thing; it’s a hard-wired technicality derived from grade-setting across the examination system.” Let’s talk to her like she understands us 🙂 If she does not, well – maybe she could leave? What developed country puts a passer-by in charge of its most prized possession?
“This world belongs to our future generations, so we have to take utmost care of it.”
― Debasish Mridha
PS – on a personal note, were there no better pictures to fit your article on Nicky Morgan’s ideas, Mr Sherrington? Or did that one work from a “Bell” idea? I saw what you did there… 🙂

Citations by Tom Sherrington, see
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